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Frequent Asked Questions

Why use QLecture?

ANS: To easily share your slides with your listeners without printing, and avoid your slides being used illegitimately by others.

It is required to sign up to use QLecture?

ANS: No, for your convenience and quick use, signing up is not required to use QLecture.

Does using QLecture require related service fees?

ANS:It is completely free for now. Please use it as much as you can.

How to invite others to see my QLecture?

ANS:After creating a QLecture, there is a QLecture number code. By searching this number code at the upper-right search engine, you may enter the QLecture that you have created.

Why is my QLecture gone?

ANS:Since the current default time limit for using QLecture is four hours, once over four hours, it will automatically shut down. In addition, it will also shut down if you close the browser during that period.